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Popular City Of Dubai

images (28)Dubai is popular not because of its tall buildings and structures but for plenty of other reasons. Many say that Indians played a very part in making Dubai what it is today. And some think it is the view of the government which performed an essential aspect in its development. Burj Khalifa – the highest structure, palm Jumeirah a man made island, Emirates Airways – the best airlines, Dubai Airport terminal – second most popular airport on the globe, Dubai metro, commissioned and started running in a matter of 2 years, and Dubai mall – the biggest shopping center. All the essential perspective objectives have been efficiently organized and implemented, and that too in a period of few years, which requires unfathomable determination and never-ending hard work, Dubai’s government have certainly confirmed that. These achievements are extensive particularly during this strong time when it is difficult to practice what you teach. And without fail this city has stepped the talk.

Everything in Dubai is done in a huge style – large, big, number 1, globe’s best, unique, great, bench marking objectives at very great requirements. No rocks have been left unchecked and the kings are prepared to do their best, compromise and spend all that is needed to become outstanding. In 1970 the people in this nation was 225,000 (UN DESA) and now it is 2.1 million (The National). And out of that 53% are Indians (Wikipedia). Even I resided there for 6 years and that was the perfect duration of my lifestyle. During my stay I noticed that the majority of my Indian friends, co-workers, associates and customers valued these factors of Dubai:

1. Way of lifestyle – The sophisticated lifestyle in this growing emirate is amazing and the best aspect about it is that even a common man can afford to stay a higher end lifestyle, which in many nations is a remote desire.

2. Food – As per Khaleej times, 202 different nations people reside in Dubai. This just means that there are more possibilities to experience multi-ethnic societies, traditions, principles. Of course, you cannot skip variety of magnificent special foods. Most of the well known dishes can be quickly savored here, such as Japanese, China, Spanish, Vietnamese, China, French, France, British, Spanish, Brazil, Colombian, etc. In terms of Indian food – Kerala, Manglorean, Tamilian, Andhra, Mughlai, Punjabi, Marathi, Rajasthani, Gujarati, etc.

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