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African Safari Holidays

African Wildlife Safari – a phrase suggests very long sunny days spent admiring the spectacular wildlife one of the most exotic. And what’s romantic, who is under the stars studding a great African sky and listen to every night while awaiting the pleasures of the tropics safari the next day to watch and photograph a lion, giraffe, oryx, zebras and wildebeest?

African Safari which will join a long tradition to select the explorers who reached beyond the mundane for the adventure that only a few intrepid souls can understand.

These literary luminaries as Ernest Hemingway and Karen Blixen found inspiration in the vast natural landscape filled with Africa. The beauty and raw energy of the flora and fauna touched something in them and stepped back again and again.

Things have not changed in those days. And now you can follow in their footsteps is an African safari, which is also the holiday period.

Here we look at a typical safari African safari – Kenya. In the morning, ride comfort of the capital Nairobi Game Reserve. Enroute, stop at the equator is a rare opportunity photos, and then lunch at the Safari Lodge scenic shores of a great river. The afternoon is reserved for game viewing. Spend the night in the Game Reserve to enjoy dinner and drinks and the magic of the African night.

Waking up the next day, the sounds and smells of Africa, returning to their charm of the game reserve, and perhaps head to the Mount Kenya forest. You can spend a day of flora and fauna of the forest and at night you can enjoy the night sounds and sights in the comfort of your room.

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