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Cold Hollow Cider Mill Maple Syrup

The Cold Hollow Cider Mill store, positioned in the Green Mountains represents a major producer of apple cider. The landmark location also provides some of the best syrup in the United States. The American way of life now and in the time of the American Indian included delicious recipes that include the tree sap of the maple tree. This naturally sweet product is one of the healthiest sweeteners on earth and offers a good source of zinc and manganese. It is a great buy for personal use or as a gift.

Cold Hollow Cider Mill has a store filled with uniquely prepared products. Located in beautiful Vermont, pure maple syrup is boiled and water evaporates to create delicious energy giving sweet maple syrup. Syrup products, sold in ½-pint medium, fancy brands and dark types are placed in decorative jars. Maple is a low calorie product, favoring it as a special treat. This natural food is filled with minerals, easy to digest and act as an antioxidant aiding the body in fighting disease. This product offers a wonderful way to avoid using white sugar and is especially helpful to dieters.

This syrup is used in recipes to create delicious foods. Interestingly, trees that produce maple syrup grows in special places in the United States, Vermont, being one, which makes Cold Hollow Cider Mill a great place to get this tasty food. The sap is fresh and taken straight from the tree in Vermont. Pure Maple syrup, used as a breakfast food for centuries is considered one of the worlds healthiest of foods. Pancakes loaded with maple syrup are favorites at home and in restaurants, and it is great to find this delicious food is good for the body.

Vermont sap products are sold online along with other Vermont food products. Year round store hours at Cold Hollow Cider Mill lets customers purchase baked goods honey, jellies and maple products anytime. From the Cold Hollow store order tasty breakfast foods, apple spice pancake mix or maple granola. This store has the distinction of supplying Vermont stores with every grade of this product. Maple syrup items extend to cinnamon and male sugar, pepper shakers and maple sugar and garlic shakers. A shopper might set their taste for Maple Zucchini relish.

Different types of syrup products are made from this syrup, granola, maple butter and candies. Since trees are only in certain regions, Vermont trees have given maple products for years. In a region where people have perfected the art of making maple products, Vermont’s Cold Hollow is one of the best places to shop. Vermont maple harvesters are experts in gathering this precious sap with a better health rating than honey.

Start breakfast with a selection of pancakes or waffles, with maple flavored syrup as the companion. Spend a luncheon or dinner hour treating yourself to vanilla cakes, doughnuts, maple fudge, muffins or maple syrup ice cream and you will find it easy to appreciate a trip to one of Vermont’s favorite specialty stores.


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