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A memorable voyage to Malaga, Spain

Since past few months, I was trying to spend some time away from my living town and office. This was due to a lengthy project I just completed. I was in dire need for a long holiday. Someone suggested me visiting Malaga, Spain. Malaga is a city and a municipality in the Autonomous Community of Andalusia, Spain. So, I finally decided to visit this city with my family.

There were two things that I liked the most – city’s amazing weather and the world-famous Malaga Airport AGP. Malaga is a historical city with a rich history of more than 2800 years and this is why it is considered as one of the oldest cities in the world. Discovered by Phoenicians during 770 BC, it was even ruled by the Roman Republic and later the Roman Empire as Malaca.

Once you get down at Malaga Airport AGP, you can easily look for a luxury or budget hotel depending on your budget. You will find a large number of taxis wagering to get you in. To be on safer side, I would recommend booking your accommodation in advance. As it was a planned holiday, I did the same.

There were speculations that the Malaga Airport AGP is not ready fully but it was wrong. The new Terminal 3 is now fully operational with good connection to all major airports across the world. According to a research report, around 13 million people passed through the airport making it Spain’s fourth busiest airport in the year 2011.

There are numerous spots where you can visit during your stay in Malaga, Spain. These are Montes de Málaga, Castle of Gibralfaro, Church of Santiago, Guadalmedina – the historic center, and many more. If you’re going for the first time, browse through the internet for more details about the city and its rich culture.

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