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Four Cars that Look Like Animals

“With so many thousands of designs and models of car, both current and past, available today, there is no right or wrong reason to buy a car. Some want reliability, others want gas mileage, and some just want to impress their friends and lovers. So with that said, I don’t see any reason not to choose a car based on its appearance, and more specifically, what animal it most resembles. Everyone loves animals from kittens to pandas to dogs and koala bears. So if you’re like me, and you want a car that looks like an animals, refer to this list right here!

1. Chevrolet Mako Shark Corvette

This list needs to start off with the obvious Chevrolet Mako Shark Corvette, a concept car that unfortunately never made it into mass production. If you find one though, you will regret not dropping the dough for it. It looks like a shark, it was designed with that specifically in mind! Look at the pointed snout and the shark-like eyes. There are even gills along its side – add to it the fact that it’s a convertible, and it’s a shame they didn’t plunge forth with this design for the rest of time. Imagine seeing one of those in your rearview mirror, you’re not going to even want to stop at the red lights!

2. Infiniti EV
Here’s a chance to get a car that looks like an animal and is using cutting edge technology. They EV looks like a ready-to-pounce jungle cat, with the eyes monitoring its prey’s every subtle maneuver, complete with coiled up legs in the back. The grill even looks like he’s licking his lips, about ready to devour the day’s meal. This is a car that is not yet on the market, but if you stop into Infiniti Dealership in Cerritos you can ask them to help speed up the process. Find their info at Jungle cats exude the cool of speed and ferocity, just the kind of attributes we want in a car.

3. Smart Car

The Smart Car looks like a turtle, a short squat semi-aquatic being that has its four little appendages easily retractable, and its round body tries to stay out of the way. The Smart Car acts very much like a turtle as well, a don’t mind me attitude, getting itself into neat little nooks and crannies, and seemingly to hole up into a ball whenever danger strikes. They seem indestructible, too, as if they had an impenetrable exoskeleton. Add to this a face that looks just as adorable as a cartoon turtle, and the Smart Car is the tortuga of all four wheelers. Some are even available as convertibles, adding one additional layer of similarity to our amphibious friends, the turtles.

4. Subaru XT

You’ll have to scan the want ads if you want to find one of these – and maybe you don’t, but the Subaru XT doesn’t look like much from the side, but head on, with the pop-up headlights and wide, flat hood, it looks just like a sad bottom dwelling fish, complete with dopey sad eyes and long flat mouth. He’s sure to get some nutrients moping along the ocean floor, and you’d be sure to attract the attention of sushi chefs all up and down the PCH. They don’t make cars like this anymore, or anything like it, but for a little bit of anthropomorphism, you shouldn’t look past the Subaru XT.

With two headlights and a front grill to let in air and cool off the engine, cars are ripe for looking like animals. It’s fun to use the imagination and see which ones you can come up with. What are some of your favorite cars that look like animals? Don’t hesitate to leave some ideas in the comments, or better yet, contact your favorite car manufacturers with ideas for cars they can make that look like animals. Just imagine if aliens from another planet arrive ready to attack and they are scared off by our cars, which they think is an army of animals ready to defend!

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