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The Best Island in the World!

Lanzarote, or known as Isla de Lanzarote is located easternmost of the Canary Islands archipelago. This island is under the jurisdiction of Spain and most of the people here use Spanish as their primary language. Lanzarote emerged to the surface of the world because of volcanic activities in the 19th century and because of the nature of its existence, most of the views here are really unworldly.
The only airport in Lanzarote is the Lanzarote Airport and it is estimated that this airport processes around five million tourists each year. Some of the carriers that have flights to this island is Monarh, Air Europa, Ryanair and Iberworld. To get around the island, it is easier for you to rent a car because the public transport service here is not that great. Car hire Lanzarote that is available at the airport is the best place you can get a car because they offer great packages that are cheap and affordable and most of the cars provided are all of top quality.
The best place to spend your time at Lanzarote will be at the Cave of Los Verdes. This cave was formed about three thousand years ago because of the eruptions from the volcano north of the island. This cave was also once a hiding place for pirates who were rampaging the nearby seas during the past. This cave is a must place to visit and what is special about this cave other than the molten wax-like rocks, is that a part of the cave can also be used as a concert hall. This cave is open from 10 am to 6 pm with the final admission at 5 pm.
For those who love diving, you can participate in your favourite pastime at Manta Dive Centre. You can find over five hundred kinds of fishes in the seas of Lanzarote and there are also ship wrecks under the sea that is quite a sight to behold. The water here has good visibility underwater and some of the animals you may encounter while diving are groupers, ray and hammerhead sharks. There are also reefs around the island which is a habitat for marine life like cuttlefish and octopus.
Lanzarote is a great place to enjoy a sea adventure and if you are planning to come to Spain in this upcoming holiday, make sure that you come to Lanzarote and you will be granted an experience of a lifetime here.

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