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Cold Hollow Cider Mill Maple Syrup

The Cold Hollow Cider Mill store, positioned in the Green Mountains represents a major producer of apple cider. The landmark location also provides some of the best syrup in the United States. The American way of life now and in the time of the American Indian included delicious recipes that include the tree sap of […]


Hiking In China Along Yangtze River

The path along the Three Gorges of Yangtze river is surely one of the most breath-taking trails on the globe. No matter what season tourists decide to try hiking in China, this area is amazing, with its massive hills, hurrying rich waters and amazing towns and places along the way. This river is the third […]

Why do people rent apartment in Madrid for holidays?

Madrid is widely known for its architecture, many people call this town an open-air museum. Dozens of majestic temples and magnificent cathedrals, many Catholic churches, ancient buildings in the baroque style, a lot of museums, exhibitions and art galleries with art masterpieces not only of past centuries, but also modern art – all this can […]


Enjoy Skiing with Right Gear and Equipment

For many skiing is the best winter sport. The thrill to arc down through those snow-covered peaks can hardly be matched with anything else. To enjoy the sports of ski, you need the right ski equipment and gears. At Williams Ski and Patio, we offer you the very best ski equipment and gear. We have […]